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Advice on Wonga Loans

South Africans owe an estimated R1 trillion in debt, between common forms of credit such as home loans, or car finance. It seems that many people are now feeling the credit crunch, and are struggling to repay their debt.

Our best advice for anyone looking to apply for a loan is to ensure that they will be able to fully repay their debt on their promised date. Wonga ( offers a flexible short-term loan product that allows customers to apply for up to R4000 cash repayable up to six months – however, many people can easily borrow money that they do not necessarily have and can end up struggling to repay their loans.

If you’re able to repay a loan on your chosen repayment date and have budgeted for fees and interest, then you should apply with Wonga – Wonga’s commitment to responsible lending means that you will only be offered an amount that you will be able to repay, and great customer service means it’s easy to set up and manage repayments. You can even pay less interest for repaying your loan early!

Wonga continues to impress us with their innovative service. We will continue to keep you updated on any developments regarding applying for a Wonga loan.

There are quite a few loan companies out there, but only one, in our opinion, is well known and offers the best option for you to get cash today – Wonga should be your first choice when applying for a loan online.

With Wonga, you can apply for a loan of up to R4000, and you only need to submit your latest payslip or bank statement, along with your personal details and bank details, and you’ll be good to go!