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Business loans for Women

Today we decided to write this article due to numerous requests from our female readers for more information on where to apply for a business loan for women.

We have been doing allot of research in the loan field specifically aimed at women and we have to say that that we could only find on reliable provider in South Africa, that focussed on women specifically.

The company we are talking about is ABSA and they offer business loans for entrepreneurial women and their fund is called the Absa Women Empowerment Fund.

This is very important step in realising that women play an important role in the business world today and in South Africa, more and more women and starting their own businesses that not only provide income for themselves, but also create real jobs for other people in our country.

They do have a list of requirements that you must adhere to, but read through them in detail to make that you do qualify to be assisted. If you do have any additional questions, you can contact them via their Support Centre on 0860 040 302.

You can also find the application form online and you can download and complete and hand in at your local ABSA branch for evaluation.

This is a very important stepping stone in the process of loans for women, because this fund generally assists women whose loan application has been turned down and providing them with an additional backup to be able to fund their entity in South Africa. We have to salute ABSA in this regard, for standing up for women and assisting them to grow our economy.