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Debt Review

Today we are going to be looking at debt review in closer detail, since we have been receiving allot of enquiries related to this service.

As we always strive to provide you with the best objective review, we will give you a quick outline of this service and why we believe this is the best option for people currently in debt.

These days, more and more people seem to be falling behind on their monthly payments and this is causing a huge backlog of payments, which ultimately result in debt piling up and causing the consumer to seek for help either via debt review or through a debt consolidation loan.

Debt Review is basically the process whereby you can apply for this through registered NCR debt counsellors. Now there are various companies that offer this service and we will be reviewing all these companies in the coming months, so be sure to check back soon.

When you do apply for debt review, they will assist you to sign all the various forms and they will then let all your creditors know that you are now under debt review and that they will consult with them regarding future payments. There are various debt review companies out there and we will be featuring only the best ones on this website in the coming months.

There are a few fees involved, like the debt counsellor’s fee as well as a few others, but there payments in the long run will only help you save money and become debt free.

There are also various benefits to debt review and the process is quite a lengthy one, but the outcome can be a lifesaver financially, so be sure to look at debt review as your solution to get out of debt.

Debt Consolidation

There are quite a few companies in South Africa that offer debt consolidation and we are going to be reviewing at all of the top companies in the coming months.

Debt consolidation is basically the process whereby you apply for a debt consolation loan in order to repay all your debts in one go and then only have 1 single instalment to pay to the financial institution that offered you the consolidation loan.

This concept is a relatively new one and the idea of having one loan to settle all your outstanding debts and only payment this one instalment, makes complete sense.

There are obviously a few things that you do need to look at in closer details, such as interest rate that you will receive from the loan company as well as the review of tier service offering and loan options.

There are quite a few companies offering this service and we encourage you to do your research to make sure that the company you decide to go with is a reputable one that has been around for a good couple of years and offer great service to their customers.

We will be looking at few debt consolation companies in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon for all the latest reviews and news on these consolidation companies.

If you would like a bit more information on other debt options, be sure to read through the articles listed below to determine what debt solution with best suit your current needs and contact us with any additional requests related to debt reviews that you want to read.