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Direct Axis Loans

The latest company that we are going to be reviewing in terms of products is Direct Axis Loans.

They offer loans up to R150 000 and then repayment term vary between 2 to 6 years. Direct Axis have been around for a good couple for years and everybody seem to know of them, but we seem to get the idea that people do require reviews about them and that’s where we come in.

Direct Axis Loans is truly a great company offering an excellent product and many people have received for loans from them and are gladly paying them back monthly.

The personal loan amounts vary from R4000 up to R150 000 and you can choose what amount you feel a comfortable with combined with what you will qualify for. Once you qualify and everything is approved, they will transfer the money in to your bank account and you can use as you require.

Direct Axis do not only offer a great product, but also have a great website that is easy to navigate through and the application process doesn’t take too long. For anyone looking for a large personal loan, we would recommend that you look at them as your loan company.

They also offer a very user friendly website with loans of information and articles related to their products and services and we recommend anyone looking for more information related to the company to visit them online.

Generally speaking there are more and more companies that seem to offer smaller loans, but only a handful of reputable companies out there still offer great service and product offering and they truly fit the bill perfectly.

We will be following them very closely in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back to view all the latest reviews and news.