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Getbucks Loans

Getbucks loans have become very well-known over the last year and more and more people are looking at them for short term loans. Getbucks have joined the market a while back and has made many strides online, purely due to the fact that they provide loans online up to R4000.

They have a very user friendly website that offers a variety of resources regarding their loans that will answers most of your questions and you can also contact them to find out more.

There contact details are as follows:

For Customer Service:
Tel: 087 808 0120 | | Fax: 086 599 4700.

Many of the current users, who has already signed up with Getbucks and got the account login, can also now go online 24/7 and login into their account to see their balance and what is due for payment.

This amazing login feature that they have built in provides ease of mind for registered users and the transparency makes them one of the best loan providers in South Africa today.

Their website also provides information like their maximum repayment date, which is 45 days and the maximum loan amount that you can borrow.

Fo anyone looking for a loan online, be sure to look at Getbucks loans, since they offer great service and you can contact them anytime with any questions related to your account of payment information.

We will be following them closely in the coming weeks, so be sure to come back to read all about their latest offerings and reviews right here on our website.