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Pollen Finance Business Loans

Today we are going to examining Pollen Finance in closer detail. Pollen Finance is a company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa and offer business loans to established businesses, with a turn-over over of R1 million+ per year. Their loans vary from R50,000 – R1,500 000 and the funds can be available to you within 3 days, from when all the required documentation has been received.

Pollen Finance is one of the well-known business loan companies in South Africa and have assisted many businesses in South Africa, with business loans and revolving credit.

You will find their banner on our website and you can contact them to apply for a business loan for your company. They would provide you with a list of all the documents required, in order for them to determine if you are eligible for a business loan.

Their loans are repaid over a standard 26-week period, with the outstanding loan amount and upfront interest charge repaid in weekly debit order installments. Contact us if you do want more information on Pollen Finance.