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Udu Loans

Today we are going to be looking at Udu loans in closer details. Udu loans offers users smart online loans and give users the chance to apply for a loan online of up to R150 000.

The maximum term you can select to pay back the loan is 60 months or 5 years and once selected on the sliders, you can see exactly what your monthly repayment will be. Udu has made it very easy for anyone to apply for a loan and they only need 3 months’ bank statements to complete the application.

Now here you can choose between 3 options for them to receive the statements. You can email them directly, you can upload them or the bank statements can be fetched directly from your bank account. This is a new feature and we urge you to read more about this option on their website.

Udu is part of Direct Axis SA and you can rest assured that a big stable company is behind this website and you can feel assured that you are in good hands. Their website is very user friendly and you can contact them with questions during the process and ask for assistance to complete your loan application.

For anyone looking for a personal loan of R150 000, be sure to look at them in closer detail and simply apply online by visiting their website. Udu is an associate business of the Direct Axis Group.

Udu is surely one of the top companies currently in South Africa offering personal loans and we are excited to see what they will be offering in the months and years to come. As they stated on their website, this platform was made to be very-user friendly and you can apply online in 5 minutes.

What do you need to apply for a loan with Udu?

As Udu states on their website, you only need to provide them with 3 months bank statements. You can either email the statements through, upload them or fetch directly from the bank. You would also need to provide them with your valid ID document as well as proof of address that could be a utility bill, to be in -line with FICA.